Prepaid Utilities for Student Accommodation

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Student accommodation is a great way to invest. Simplify your admin with prepaid sub electricity and water meters.

There is no doubt owning student accommodation can be a very lucrative investment opportunity.

Managing student accommodation can be very challenging as young adults can often neglect to pay their utilities and this can result in a very hefty backlog to try to reclaim the costs from the students or their parents.

“With The Meter Man’s prepaid electricity or prepaid water meters, students pay upfront or can be issued with vouchers to redeem on the system, massively reducing revenue collection pain. Our prepaid sub-metering solution tracks per unit purchase patterns, raising red flags that our revenue protection department will pick up such as tampering or inconsistent purchases.

Other benefits include:

  • An online system gives accommodation managers remote access to usage and transaction data and reports.
  • Primary reports/statements are automatically emailed every month, easing the administration burden. The managing agent or landlord also has a client login accessible on our website to view and download statements anytime, anywhere.
  • The meters are easy to install and we have reliable and qualified electricians to install the meters.
  • There are no hidden fees: no connection fees, no monthly fixed fees and no switching fees
    Students never spend more than what they or their parents budgeted for and incase where accommodation packages include electricity and water, management can be sure consumption is managed.

We are proud to say that our prepaid metering system works wonderfully. Some of our universities & campuses include the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Oppi Spot in Potchefstroom.

Should a development already have a sub-metering solution and would like to have access to The Meter Man’s benefits, they can easily switch over to us. Simply give us a call on 086 111 5612 or email us via our contact form.

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