Great News for Real Estate Developers!

prepaid utility meters for real estate developers

Prepaid Utility Meters for Real Estate Developers

Your project development’s sub-metering doesn’t need to be an administrative nightmare of faulty meters and chasing payments!

The Meter Man offers developers, body corporates and managing agents the following services at no extra cost to our clients:

  • Site Metering Evaluations
  • Installation of your prepaid electricity and prepaid water meters correctly (including rectification of previous erroneous installations)
  • Thorough testing of all meters to ensure proper functioning prior to and during occupation.
  • Activation of meters on occupation (as and when this occurs)
  • Tariff structure assistance and administration, as well as any updates to these.
  • Unlimited access to live metering statements 24 hours/365 days a year.
  • Support in transferring online meter management to your elected body corporate.

The quality of The Meter Man’s prepaid metering products, support, and managing of meters are aimed at maximising efficiency and convenience for our property developer clients. Our developers are provided with continuous support for their metering requirements throughout the property development process. These are all very important factors for us to ensure our client’s satisfaction and peace of mind during property developments.

Our friendly teams are eager to assist you, so why not give us a call to discuss your needs?

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