The Meter Man provides a wide variety of services to accommodate your needs. We are continuously developing solutions for prepaid electricity, prepaid water and prepaid gas meters to ensure that we give you a full scale meter to cash solution, which has been a great success in South Africa. We have done all the hard work ensuring you are with South Africa’s leading private utility company. We take pride in our ability to offer an efficientday-to-day management tool in the industrial, commercial, retail and agricultural arena. In our first year nominated, The Meter Man was awarded FNB/Rocci business of the year 2016. We are very proud to say that we were awarded this accolade again for our efforts in  2017.

Access to your statements on The Meter Man’s website where you have a secure log-in to monitor all transactions through the meters on your portfolio.


Tariffs are set as per the electricity statement for a particular property. Multiple tariffs can be set on meters based on council area, common areas or other individual billing requirements. TOU, Block tariff, seasonal tariff, free issue are some examples of tariffs which can be applied.

Revenue Protection

Our system has the ability to identify potential high risk meters, where you will lose revenue. This is highlighted and reported to you as the client every month.

Dashboard (Client/End Consumer)

Customer login to interact with your online account to view statements and current balances, as well as to change/ update personal information.

Owner Management Services

This offering was developed for management of utilities in rural areas and other scenario’s where urban infrastructural vending channels are not available, including agricultural, mining and such similar setups.

Billing System

Our billing system collects revenue through individual meters and make a consolidated payment over to you as the client.

Thin Pre-payment

This is an e-wallet account being managed by our system to credit and debit your units on the meter by using a pinless token. It is much more instantaneous then STS token base vending. Two way communication to the meter.

Meter Readings

By using our remote metering functionality, we can now offer meter readings off-site, automated without potential human errors on reading meters in the field, giving you accurate readings consistently every month.


We offer multiple end-user vending options to facilitate easy top-up of utilities and reduce end-consumer issues, incorporating multiple popular retail chains as well as online vending.

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