Q : How much will it cost to migrate my utility metering services to The Meter Man?

A : Absolutely nothing! In fact, our qualified electricians will do a site inspection and check if the meter is in working order and put our Meter Man stickers and seals on. Contact our client service team by clicking here to take advantage of this offer.

Q : How long will it take to migrate my utility metering services to The Meter Man?

A : Within a week if we can. Obviously, the timing depends on the compliance of your current supplier in supplying the relevant information to us.

Q : How does The Meter Man ensure my utility payments are made on time?

A : We are painfully aware of the need for accurate, on time payments for your utilities and will never hold back payments that we have received through our vending channels. We aren’t even sure why some other suppliers wouldn’t do this? We also monitor the payments through your meters to pick up possible tampering and defaults as quickly as possible, so they can be rectified early on.

Q : How do I check and review what is happening on my meters?

A : The Meter Man provides a secure online portal where clients can log in to their profile at any time to check their meter’s performance. Furthermore, The Meter Man sends monthly status reports to all of our clients, showing the status of your meter accounts. We can also provide specialised reports for use in AGM or board meetings.

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