Single Phase Din Rail Wireless PLC Meter

This meter is also used to separate the end consumer from the prepaid meter by installing the body (mcu) of the meter outside in the main distribution box. Thus preventing the end consumer from interfering/tampering with the unit as it is out of reach. The end consumer only has access to the keypad in their apartment. This meter has PLC capability, therefore it is able to communicate to the keypad and concentrator without having to use communication cables, giving us remote access to the meter through the modem in the concentrator. Engineering tokens can be sent to the meter remotely from the office i.e clear tamper token, test token, clear credit token and also has an switch on and off capability. Maximum power limit level of 80Amps.

Three Phase Split & PLC Meter

This meter is also used for larger scale clients, it’s a split meter that separates your end consumer from the prepaid meter by means of a keypad to access the meter. The communication is done by a wire between the keypad and the meter. It could also be used as a PLC communication meter by changing the communication module on the meter itself. Maximum power level limit of 100 Amps per phase.

hexing hxec-100 data collector

HXEC-100 Data Collector

The data collector collects data from the PLC of multiple meters and sends it to The Meter Man system. We then can send information to the meter and the meter can send information to us through using the data collector it is now possible. This means you as client have more control over purchases vs consumption monthly.

hexing mio terminal hxej-200 utility meter

HXEJ-200 Concentrator

The concentrator collects information from various meters PLC or full smart meters and gives us the ability to communicate to the meter and the meter to communicate (two way communication) A concentrator can handle vary large scale of technical information.

Large capacity features:

  • 30 days of data of 1024 meters for daily billing
  • 15 days of data of 255 meters for hourly load profile
  • 365 days of data of 1024 meters for monthly billing data


  • Instantaneous values like voltage, current, power, power factor
  • 4 quadrant energy: active, reactive and apparent

Power Quality Monitoring

  • Voltage and current unbalance
  • Sag and swell
  • Harmonic factors
  • Power outage


Full end to end data encryption