New Sub-metering Installation

  1. Contact our sales team/fill in application form (you can do this here)
  2. Our team will assess your needs and provide metering options and quotes to best suit your requirements.
  3. Select your optimum metering solution and sign your quote to accept
  4. Make your payment using the reference number that is stated on your quote
  5. A suitable installation date will be booked within a week of making payment.
  6. Our installation team will come and do a full professional and insurer-approved installation of the meter/meters
  7. Our installation team will provide the tenant with a starter pack to show how to use the meter, where to purchase and who to phone should there be a technical issue.
  8. When your meters are then activated the system is tracked, checked and maintained on an ongoing basis by our team.

Easily Switch Over your Sub-metering Service to The Meter Man

This is a painless and simple process which will ensure your metering is managed professionally going forward.

  1. Please notify the tenants in advance that they should load sufficient electricity on their meters to cover the transfer process (usually 7-10 days) as they will not be able to top-up their meters whilst the transfer is in process (i.e. from date that key change tokens are generated).
  2. Request your current metering service provider to send Key Change Tokens for all your meters. They should provide 2 tokens for each meter (each token consisting of 20 digits)
  3. Send the list of these tokens and respective meter reference numbers to The Meter Man (or we can source the relevant meter reference numbers for you)
  4. We will effect the transfer and also then send our team of electricians to inspect the meters and ensure transfer is successful.