Prepaid Meters for Rentals, Cottages & Granny Flats

green door of a house surrounded by large shrubs

How can you make this work for you?

A prepaid sub-metering system, such as The Meter Man’s prepaid electricity meters and prepaid water meters, solve issues regarding utilities usage and billing. Prepaid sub-meters are installed to monitor how much water and electricity the tenants are using.

Tenants pay upfront for their utilities and there is transparent monitoring, which means that both tenant and landlord have access to the water and electricity meter data. Transparency leads to two benefits, 1) the tenant can monitor their usage more carefully and save on electricity and water costs, and 2) it helps improve the relationship with the landlord by avoiding any disputes.

The landlord is protected from being left with a hefty monthly utility bill, and will no longer have to chase after tenants to recover costs. The prepaid sub-meter is also advantageous to the tenant, as they will be able to monitor and adjust their own usage to suit their budget – a selling point that should be advertised when listing a backyard or cottage rental.

With backyard rentals becoming increasingly popular and with more South Africans looking for ways to supplement their income, this might be a worthwhile opportunity for landlords to consider.

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